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Groom. Relax. Unwind.

Gelish was the 1st ever gel brand to combine the gel colour and the brush. Since their innovative creation, almost all gel polish brands have taken the initiative and now, brush-on-gel polish is a staple in every salon. The unique formula outperform other soak off gel polishes with excellent coverage, quick and accurate cure times and an easy removal process. With a self-levelling gel polish formulation, smooth application, highly pigmented, scratch resistant and with a high-gloss shine, the long-wearing gel polish formula lasts up to 21 days without dulling, chipping or lifting. Free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP and certified PETA cruelty-free. Gelish has fully replaced Shellac (which a hybrid of normal polish and gel making it a soft gel with minimal longevity) in the treatment room.

Morgan Taylor, runs alongside OPI in the non-gel polish range, and is the sister line to Gelish with a hard-wearing, glossy range of non-gel polishes to identically match up to the gel colours


Spa Manicure

A grooming and relaxing luxurious hand treatment which includes an exfoliating scrub and nail soak (to allow softening of the cuticles for optimal cuticle work), nail shaping, massage to the forearms and hands with a nourishing massage blend with heated mitts, protective hand serum, hand cream, and chosen finish.

Natural finish: £40.00 (1 hour) *includes finish cuticle oil, buffing or nail strengthener.

Polish: £45.00 (1h 15min)

Gel polish: £50.00 (1h 15min) *includes Gelish foundation or Gelish Foundation Flex for added strength. Gel removal when previously applied at Castaway Beauty is included within treatment, please add on if needed to allow for the extra time.

Spa Pedicure

A luxurious and pampering foot treatment which includes the foot spa with a muscle relaxing blend of magnesium and lavender, exfoliating scrub, nail cutting, shaping and cleaning (including ingrown nail release), cuticle work, hard skin removal, full massage to the lower legs and feet using a nourishing botanical massage blend and callus smoothing balm with heated booties, and chosen finish.

Natural finish: £40.00 (1 hour)

Polish: £45.00 (1hr 15)

Gel polish: £50.00 (1hr 15)

Express Manicures and Pedicures

Exfoliating cleanse. Cuticle push and tidy (an important step in Gel applications to give more wear to the Gel, and for this reason Gel application are not available in Mini Mani and Pedi treatments). Nail shaping. Chosen finish and application of nourishing cuticle oil (Gelish) or Quick drying drops (Polish).

Natural finish: £25.00 *includes cuticle oil, buffing or nail strengthener.

Polish: £30.00 *hand/foot cream applied before polish step. It is recommended to pay before treatment and have your car keys easily to hand if having a polish manicure, and to bring your flip flops if having a polish pedicure - disposable flip flops are available but less sturdy.

Gel polish: £40.00 *includes Gelish foundation or Gelish Foundation Flex for added strength. Gel removal is included within treatment if previously applied at Castaway Beauty, please add on the removal service at booking to allow for the extra time and to avoid a shortened treatment time. Cuticle oil and hand/foot cream is applied after Gel application, to avoid adding any oils to the nail surface which would shorten Gel wear.

Gel Removal

Free: Included in return treatments within manicure and pedicure treatments when previously applied at CB.

£10.00: Foreign gel removal applied elsewhere within a manicure or pedicure treatment.

£20.00: Standalone gel removal treatment including cuticle work, shape and cuticle oil.

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